Consulting & Custom Website Client Testimonials

Working with Zach and his team was such a relief for me. They understood exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond to fulfill my expectations. I made requests that seemed impossible and they somehow got it done for me. Communication is superb. Zach trained my staff the entire printing industry and made it seem so easy. Also, our website is wonderfully done and is functioning similarly or even better than most print on demand websites. Cannot recommend enough.


- Leo Darakchyan, Ink Zag

I am brand new to the custom decoration industry and Deco Experts to the frustration out of setting up our Deco network software. Zach and his team were awesome. They were patient with all of my questions and prompt in solving my problems. By using Deco Experts to set up our Deco Network software I was able to stay focused on running the company instead of fighting with technology. Seriously Zach, I truly appreciate all that you have done to help me, and just the ability to have a friend in this industry. 

- Brian Emmen, Print Genie

If you are serious about your factory you will take the time to learn this system and ALL the functions. I can not even explain how much it has helped us bring in more revenue, become more organized, and grow. The customer service is one of the best I have ever worked with and if they do not have a answer for you they get one quickly.   We are extremely happy with our purchase of this software. 

-Joe Dagony

Working with Zach at Deco Experts was easy and trouble free. Our appointments were always on time and and productive.



-Tim Pease 

I'm not sure how we could have managed without Zach and Deco Experts. I was so impressed with Zach's ability to listen, hear and understand our needs and then work tirelessly to come up with solutions. Every shop is different and needs to be set up in different ways. Deco Experts walks you through this process. Also, Zach has the ear of the developers, so tweeks here and there are possible. :-)

-Trina Banner

We could not have done this without the help of Zach and the Deco Experts.  The money we spent to have him walk us through setup and training saved me the headache of trying to reinvent the wheel and doing it myself.  It let me bounce ideas off of someone that has navigated this process before and helped me to see a new way of doing business.


-Andy, Big Tyme Sportswear and Design